Anxious Mother’s Stream of Consciousness During Toddler Swim Lessons

Wee One took swimming lessons this summer, just for a few weeks. Because I was sick and had surgery, I wasn’t able t 0post it before.

Dude, it is hot in here. Oh, she’s so cute. Where is the teacher? OK. Can she hear him over the sound of all this noise?

Is she following his directions? Can she even hear his directions? It is so loud and he talks really softly.

God, she looks cute sitting there.

She is doing what the other kids are doing. Wait – is the teacher getting annoyed? I could hear him say her name. A lot.

Was she just looking at me for help? Oh, she doesn’t to do that. She’s like, ‘What are you asking me to do?’ But she’s having fun; listen to her giggle.

Dude, she really does not want to put her face in the water.

Hey! She’s scooting away from the group. Teacher, pay attention. Is she too young for this? This is

Oh teacher, please be patient. She is so gentle and I don’t know how much she understands of what you were saying. She’s trying. Be gentle with her; do not break her spirit.

Oh, a high five. Cute.

By the end of the class, I think she had a respect for water and will be careful when she’s around it, which is what I wanted her to learn. She still doesn’t like to put her head under, even to blow bubbles. Baby steps.

Okay, your turn.

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