About Me

It’s been 20 years since I got out of high school, and I really thought I would have more direction right now, something more intentional than the life I have. Which is awesome, really. In the span of about a year, I made the four biggest life changes one can make: I got married, had a kid, left my job of 10 years, and moved (St. Louis to Seattle). Now I’m putting together a new life, with all the glory and mess that entails.

I love Doctor Who, and I really do like to drink. I don’t read as much as I should or want to and trying to prepare food for my Wee One is really a pain in my ass right now.

The rest? I’m still working on.



Other blogs I started, but don’t really keep up with anymore:

Mixing Chicory: http://mixingchicory.wordpress.com/ . A virtual lab to explore the causes and consequences of poverty and the social structures that perpetuate it. This was an important research area for me.

Nerd Flowering: http://nerdflowering.wordpress.com/ . To indulge in and celebrate my nerdier loves (especially Doctor Who).

Exceptional Mundane: http://exceptionalmundane.blogspot.com . Untold stories of beauty from people on the street.

24 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sahara I was called this several times in my life as well Lol so great blog identity 🙂 My favorite part thus far is that you mentioned you generally enjoy profanity because I can out speak a sailor myself and I find it rare to come across others like me so I love it!

      • I cannot even remember the first time I am getting up there in age haha! It was definitely grade school and I always just thought people were spelling and pronouncing it wrong, I am quick like that Lol
        Thank you so much for checking out my blog you have no idea how excited it makes me to have even a few readers!

    • Good question, and one i don’t fully feel like I have an answer to. But small=mighty, that’s my motto. One thing I did to increase traffic was to do the Daily Prompts by wordpress, and then link my blog back to it. (To be honest, this is a large reason I like prompts so much – I get to link to the original post and get my blog out there.) I would at least get pingbacks because other people would connect their post with yours. That’s also why I started the series “Inspiration Engine.” Compliment other people’s work, keep it for when I want to find it again, and get a link on their page
      I would also recommend doing the Blogging 101 and 201 things that wordpress offers. They’re in the middle of their 101 “course” right now, but you can look the ‘assignments’ so far. It helps you get to know the site and use it to your advantage.
      The last thing, and this has really only started this week, is to comment on other people’s blogs and putting my link to the Community Pool. I recently kind of revamped this site, as explained in some of the recent posts, and I wanted feedback on it. I have had more traffic in the past two or three days than ever. And finally, you! You are giving me such a rush right now by looking at my posts and commenting on things. I finally feel like I’m on track! 🙂 So thank you, and let me know if you have any other questions.

      • No problem I know that rush, that excitement you get when someone reads your stuff and loves it. It is amazing 🙂 and I will be stalking your page often I feel, I get inspiration from everyone I read. So I did follow and take a look at the blogging university which is amazing but what is the wordpress daily prompts? Is that from The Daily Post page as well?

  2. Ok so can I bother you for a blog neighbor favor? So I switched my blog out to be wordpress.com instead of .org so I can actually have followers easily and show up in the wordpress feed so can you go back to my page and click follow? Pretty please?

    • Done and done! Good work on your blog, by the way! While I loved the feet, it was a little busy when it was on the body of your page. The way it is now, in your header, is fantastic. And it’s a little more intuitive, at least for my use. Good work!

      • Thank you thank you Mz Sahara 🙂 I actually was starting to feel that way too, that the layout was a bit large and in charge as far as busy goes and I wanted a more simple streamlined layout so woo hoo!

  3. Sahara is a great name and a new one to me. It’s great to find an exciting blog to enjoy with a unique voice. I love the line ‘Sailors have fled my vicinity, ‘, so vibrant! Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Here’s to Creo Somnium!

  4. Great blog you have put up here !
    Those weird nicknames ? Counting the number of times I’ve been called noodles and maggie because of my curly mane makes me dizzy. I like them though. Courtesy of having a short SHORT name, nicknames don’t often come my way.

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