Best of Creo Somnium


My first time working with the homeless – Glub Glub Glub

An idiosyncracy special to St. Louis – Where’d you go to high school?

What would you put on a mix tape for a new friend? Mix tape genius.

Security v. freedom – Who still has their Bee-bee

“Remember the Time” My first Kiss

Father’s Abuse – Pale Whisper; the Loss Trilogy, Pt. 1

I Met James Van Der Beek

Wee One

Birth Story: The First Time I Walked On Trembling Feet

Week One With A Baby

Traveling with her: Ten Best Things About Traveling Solo With A Baby

Travel stories

Solo travel – To hear the poem of creation.

Krakow, Poland – Krakow, Best Place I Never Planned to Visit

Feminism and Social Justice

No Hollaback girl here – 11 tips for fighting street harassers

Turning Empathy Into Action

On The Longest Night Of The Year


Until Next Time (This one is actually more of a poem.)

A Wee Romance – The Morning It Started

Gonzo Style – Start of Something New



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