Weekend Coffee Share #45


If we were having coffee, I would be so glad to be meeting with you than what I was doing last week. This has been a rough week for my family. Going to St. Louis was hard because I had a headache for two days because I hadn’t gotten enough sleep. It sucked. Then, we’re having some medical problems at Casa In-Laws, so the in-laws are gone more, leaving me, Cohiba, and Wee One. (So please send positive thoughts to in-laws.)

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To Hear The Poem of Creation

Remember the first time I traveled solo.

And I mean solo, really solo.  I had taken a trip to San Francisco by-myself-but-with-others with Team in Training to do the Nike Women’s Marathon, and that was pretty cool. I went with other people to appease worried family members. But, in the spring of ’08, before I started my Master’s that fall, I wanted to go abroad. The problem was, nobody wanted to go with me.  Rather, they did, but they didn’t have the money or the vacation time to do it, and they didn’t really have an interest in seeing what I wanted to see.

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