Buying A New Car Sucks

I don’t know if this is just an American thing or what, but car salesmen (it’s always men) and the whole experience of buying a car have really crappy reputations. I just bought a new car, and when I first went out to find it, I thought, maybe the reputation is misgiven. Maybe that’s a bad rumor. Because, really, if I was a car sales person, I would be aware of the reputation and work to give lie to it.

Not the guys I got.

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When You Can’t Afford A Gym

For the past several days, a Seattle friend of mine has been posting pics of this guy walking down the street carrying a log. (Not a euphemism; a real log.)

We couldn’t decide if he was building a log cabin, or practicing for a caber toss, or helping elementary kids learn the letter L. She saw him for the third time today, only this time he had a friend, also carrying a log, when was walking a dog. ( Also not a euphemism.)

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