Any Sores Or Discharges Coming From Your Penis?

I am thinking about talking to Wee One about her body, how I’m going to talk to her without making a face. As I was thinking about it, a memory from work popped up.

Part of the intake process with new clients included a health form required by the state. Since I’m a social worker, not a doctor, I simply asked for yes or no answers to a rundown of possible bodily ailments and made referrals to a health clinic as necessary.

One time, I had a Vietnamese client who was also mentally ill, so sometimes it was hard to understand him, trying to sift through his accent, his English-is-my-second-language word choice, or his delusion.

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Weekend Cocktail Share #39


If we were having coffee, we wouldn’t really be having coffee. We would be out to dinner after a busy family weekend. We are at *undisclosed* restaurant, and I’m having this cucumber cocktail that is so so so fucking good; it takes me back to St. Maarten. You’ve never even been to the islands, and after you sip it, you’re there, too.

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That Time I Had Purple Hair

For #TBT, let’s talk about that time I had purple hair. It was so beautiful.

It was just after Christmas break my freshman year in college, and I used some of my roommate’s hair dye. It was a Dark and Lovely Purple Something that and her black hair had a beautiful sheen to it when the light caught it right.

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Mixed CD Stories

Get a beer for this one, friends, ’cause it’s got some stories to it. ┬áIn 2004, I worked for the Missouri PIRGs (a left wing political action group) and that was a hell of a summer┬áin Sahara’s life. I’m glad I had it, but I’m glad I’ll never have to learn those lessons again.

But, when I left, I made a mix CD for myself and some of my friends from some music we had all shared that touched on some of the warmer memories of that year, and even when I listen to it now, I still remember. I wrote about one of these songs a few weeks ago, but I want to tell you about the rest.

Won’t you come see the melodious highlight memory reel??? /insert wavy back in time lines/

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