Here’s A Secret



And you know he’s probably not!


Do you know this actor, Nathan Fillion? Excellent and funny, and you should go see his stuff so you’ll know how he would say something like this, because he totally would.




Buying A New Car Sucks

I don’t know if this is just an American thing or what, but car salesmen (it’s always men) and the whole experience of buying a car have really crappy reputations. I just bought a new car, and when I first went out to find it, I thought, maybe the reputation is misgiven. Maybe that’s a bad rumor. Because, really, if I was a car sales person, I would be aware of the reputation and work to give lie to it.

Not the guys I got.

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Doctor Who, The Christmas Invastion. S2 Ep1. Written by Russell T. Davies

So, it seems that British TV shows do a Christmas special episode, perhaps a gift to the viewers. We have those in the US… A family: grandpa/ma, a mother/father/both, her/his/their grown unmarried daughter and the daughter’s illegitimate child son (almost always a son, for great grandpa.)  Daughter comes home from the city/country, harried and tired/happy and relieved. Child son and great-grandpa/ma bond over building trains and astronomy, but child son is secretly unhappy/worried/angry. Mother and daughter are always/sometimes butting heads/get along brilliantly. Some drama happens. Here to help is a single man named Jackson/Dylan, who can help/love/make laugh the daughter/help with the son/protect the grandfather. (Oh yeah, he might be a single father.) Daughter and Jackson/Dylan hook up.  There may or may not be talk of God, but there is definitely talk of the “Christmas spirit.” All ends well looking outside with arms around each other.  Great grandpa is wearing a Santa hat. There are fuzzy shots and coffee/sweater/snow shots.

They all suck.

After seeing this, I see the British have a different idea of a Christmas special, and God bless them for it. After several viewings (because, remember, I didn’t like Barty Crouch Jr. usurping Eccleston’s throne) I can say that this episode is a good transition into the new Doctor.

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