Some Days Are Hard

The tag line on this blog is “I write to stop time,” and as I get older, I find I want to stop time more and more. (Actually, I don’t know if that’s true. There were moments I loved and wanted to hold onto when I was younger. Of course, I destroyed all my journals from before the accident and those are the memories I don’t have.)

I have to begin letting go.

Right now, Wee One is in a phase when she tells me, “You need me!” which means, “I need you,” or “I want you here with me.”

I used to say that to my mom. I would say, “I wanna hold you.”

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Anxious Mother’s Stream of Consciousness During Toddler Swim Lessons

This past summer, I signed Wee One up for swimming lessons. Just six weeks at the community center, I wanted her to learn some respect for the water when she’s around it.

It was the first time she’d taken a formal-ish “class,” and I had some concerns. And other thoughts. Here’s a sampling of my second week’s thoughts:


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