Rise and Shine

Day 5 – E

Every day starts with: hearing Wee One cry and fuss over the baby monitor, and getting up to respond to it.

On my way, depending on how bad she’s crying, I might stop by the restroom. Then there are mornings like this one, where I hear her get up, but then she talks to her animals and doesn’t cry. I let her play alone and I check my Facebook.

This is day 5 of the A to Z Challenge for April. If you are doing it, comment below and let me know what your post for today is! If you want to get regular updates about what’s happening at Didn’t Just Wake Up, click the follow button on the right hand side! No matter what, thanks for reading!

Mothering With Brain Damage

This winter, since I had some time to get “settled,” and I am in Ohio and its cold, I found Wee One some classes and activities. Not too many, because I don’t think its right for her, but some. We really liked The Little Gym in Seattle, but it’s really far from where I live, and I found a tumbling tot class nearby (and much cheaper!)

WO loves going, watching the other kids, climbing on things, and the trampoline. She is working so hard to jump these days and loves the trampoline, especially when I get on with her, hold her hands, and jump with her. To be honest, I like it, too, until I get off and then I feel it: my head injury.

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