Any Sores Or Discharges Coming From Your Penis?

I am thinking about talking to Wee One about her body, how I’m going to talk to her without making a face. As I was thinking about it, a memory from work popped up.

Part of the intake process with new clients included a health form required by the state. Since I’m a social worker, not a doctor, I simply asked for yes or no answers to a rundown of possible bodily ailments and made referrals to a health clinic as necessary.

One time, I had a Vietnamese client who was also mentally ill, so sometimes it was hard to understand him, trying to sift through his accent, his English-is-my-second-language word choice, or his delusion.

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A Bullshit Artist With An Attentive Eye

I’ve been thinking lately about if and when I want to go back to work, and what I would even want to do, and I’m struggling. I don’t know if I want to be in direct practice anymore, and I don’t think I have the patience to work with addicts or mentally ill people anymore.

Most of the time in my old role, I felt like an imposter.

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Black History Month

I meant to post this in February, but, you know. Life.

There was a video released on the White House Facebook page of a 106 year old woman meeting the president. She was so happy, and to think of all she had seen and lived through – from 1910 until now – its moving.

As Super Tuesday has just passed us in the United States and we are gearing up to inaugurate a new president, I wanted to share memories of Obama’s first inauguration in ’08. The first time a black president was inaugurated. A day that will live in history will live well in my memory.

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Weekend Coffee Share #18


If we were having coffee, we would both arrive at the same time, a different shop than we normally go to, this one out in the woods. There’s a large truck idling outside, and the noise and gas its belching clashes with the serenity of the trees around us. We’re not happy about that, but the gentleman barista brings us our cappuccino. I like this part, I say to you.

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