Weekend Coffee Share #40 – Ohio Winter


If we were having coffee, it would be because you got on a plane and flew here from another place. I have not really made friends out here, and that’s kind of sad. I met with a mom and her son earlier this week, one I have talked to before, and it was nice. I’ve also started going to an open playtime at the local community center, just to let Wee One run off some steam in this dead of winter (more on that later) and climb and play on things we don’t have at Casa In-Laws.

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Why I Like Being Facebook Friends With People I Barely Know

It is up in the air whether the Internets help or hurt people, and for a long while when I was on Facebook, I wouldn’t connect with anyone unless I knew them pretty well. Since Wee One was born, I have found myself Facebook friends with people I barely know, (though I still don’t become friends with people I haven’t met,) but there are several different kinds of “strangers” I like being connected to:

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