Bedtime Silliness

Tonight, Wee One did not want to go to bed. Surprise, right? She took so long brushing her teeth that I couldn’t read to her anymore.

She immediately threw herself on the floor and started crying and stamping her feet. “I am tantruming until I hear Harry Potter.” she cried.

I picked her up, and we snuggled on the bed. I said, “Well, that sounds a lot like a choice, and not a very fun one. You know, you are in charge of your body and your actions and how you respond to your feelings. I hope you make a different choice.”

Then I sing to her, like I normally do, but instead of the actual words, I just saying the words Harry Potter. She started to laugh, and so did I. Then she sat up and read to herself.

All was well.

So You’re In Love With Grass Shadows?

I was walking Wee One to school this morning, and I pointed out to her something that I love to look at in the snow: when a blade of grass casts a shadow on the snow. A thin little blade of grass. A narrow and delicate shadow on the sparkling snow.

She said, “So you’re in love with grass shadows?”

Not as much as I am in love with you, child, but yes. I am.

Advocacy Win

You can take the girl out of social work, but you can’t take the social work out of the girl.

Omicron is doing what it’s doing, and school starts on the 3rd. I can’t imagine any scenario in which the school is not overrun with infections among staff and students, and I don’t want Wee One (WO) to fall victim to it. Just yesterday, I exited my five day quarantine in my room to be around people in a mask. (I’m fine, BTW. It was like a sinus infection. And the biggest thing for me and WO today was to snuggle.) But we did not sacrifice five days of snuggling just for her to get it next week. We have a wedding coming up and I don’t want her to get long COVID.

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