Our Bedsharing Story – Three PSAs

A friend of mine posted a request for advice about what to do to get sleep while her 10 month old sleeps in the same bedroom. Daughter is starting to keep mom up through the night, and my friend is desperate for sleep.

Ah, how I remember those days. Rather, I remember them for their fog, not so much for what we did. At the time, it felt like it would never end, though looking back, it seems like just a blip in time.

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about our bedsharing story, so I’m going to now. Because we stepped into it quite unintentionally.

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Weekend Coffee Share #14


If we were having coffee, a very large group beats us to the counter to order. We try to decide if they’re family, because they’re of varying ages, or a social group, because they’re all in athletic gear (football, to be exact) and carrying a ball with them. Perhaps both? you guess. This is Super Bowl Sunday, I say, and you shake your head. I think I hear you grumble something about ‘thank God that’ll be over,’ referring to football season, but I smile because I know you’re teasing.

I have been thinking all week about ‘happiness’ since we talked about it, and I thought of something else I do to promote happiness in myself – when the automatic negative thoughts begin to run the train track around my head, I deliberately point out to myself the blessings I have, which is easy to do when I have a child as wonderful as my Wee One.

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There’s A Stranger In My Living Room

“What, just explore this apartment?  The people who live here won’t mind?”

“Oh, they don’t know. I just need to describe what I see. Alright, sure.”

Holy shit, don’t these people clean? I would hate to live in a place like this.  Ohh, but that sign is funny. “Hippies use the backdoor.”  Let me pick around all these shoes – oh, I guess I should take my own off.

Okay. Let’s get through this quickly.

Damn! Look at those bookshelves! Oh, but first – ooh, a bar! Should I have some whisky or rum? Nice.

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Schedule Writing – Evil or Good?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Golden Hour.”

I’m trying to work out a schedule for our transitioning household.  Wee One is four months now and I’ve heard that everything will be easier for her if we have a schedule. I’ve tried to come up with one but I hate schedules! I hate being trapped or confined. I think schedules are lame.

But they really are good for people, especially small ones. Especially when we’re moving and so much is changing. I’m also finding they’re good for new moms and their heightened anxiety. So I’m trying to do this schedule.

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