Mothering With Brain Damage

This winter, since I had some time to get “settled,” and I am in Ohio and its cold, I found Wee One some classes and activities. Not too many, because I don’t think its right for her, but some. We really liked The Little Gym in Seattle, but it’s really far from where I live, and I found a tumbling tot class nearby (and much cheaper!)

WO loves going, watching the other kids, climbing on things, and the trampoline. She is working so hard to jump these days and loves the trampoline, especially when I get on with her, hold her hands, and jump with her. To be honest, I like it, too, until I get off and then I feel it: my head injury.

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Weekend Coffee Share #40 – Ohio Winter


If we were having coffee, it would be because you got on a plane and flew here from another place. I have not really made friends out here, and that’s kind of sad. I met with a mom and her son earlier this week, one I have talked to before, and it was nice. I’ve also started going to an open playtime at the local community center, just to let Wee One run off some steam in this dead of winter (more on that later) and climb and play on things we don’t have at Casa In-Laws.

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3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

After long last, I am doing the third day of the quote challenge given to me by Jess over at Daring to Jess


I used to really believe that children are a distraction from more important things. Parents have to give so many things up. After all, since women have to leave work to raise children, or are more likely to, they don’t do as well in a job.

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24/12 of 2017

For the past several years, I have devised a set of annual goals.  I’ve usually done 52/52, so one goal for each week. Last year, I had a difficult time thinking of 52 goals, so this year, I’ll narrow it down to 24 in 12 months, so two a month.
I invite you to join me – you can do 12/12, 365/365, x/x! Just what ever you want! Then, as I accomplish them, I’ll update the page, and probably add a post or two about it.

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