The Daleks Got Me! (Back)

Doctor Who – Series 1 – Dalek, Written by Robert Shearman

As I said about the previous episodes, the farting aliens severed my interest in this whole series. I didn’t watch for several weeks, but I found myself thinking about it. Has that ever happened to you?

One time, I had been watching this stupid gymnastic show, just ’cause I was working hard on my master’s and needed a mind vacation. After a few episodes, I decided it was too stupid to watch, so I quit.  But I kept thinking about the storyline and the characters, and I went back and finished it.

That’s what happened here.

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The News I Want To See

Over the past couple of days, apart from the bullshit coming from the office of our jittery imbecilic president, news stories have been coming out about 20 years of rape and sexual assault done to different women by big ole film dude Harvey Weinstein.

Okay, here’s the thing that bugs me about this fucking Weinstein story. A couple things, actually. One – why is this fucking news? This kind of thing happens all the fucking time! All the time. I’m glad it’s news, but it should always be news.

Two, and it’s kind of the same thing, but everyone is so surprised. Its like these people haven’t been listening since the beginning of time: this happens, as I already said, ALL THE TIME! All the time. #yesallwomen endure harassment. #yesallwomen are objectified and demeaned at some point or another. Many many many many women have endured assault and rape. Many.

So I don’t want to see news stories about the women who have been assaulted. I want to hear stories about the men who held other men accountable. The ones who said, “This is unacceptable, dude, and you’re not allowed here (this job/bar/social club) anymore.”  I don’t want to hear the stories abut the women, because it’s not about the women. It never has been. It’s about the fucking perpetrators. So tell me stories about what they’re going to do differently, besides perpetrate aggression.