Advent Calendar and Belief Systems

I got an Advent Calendar for me and Wee One to use for the next month. It is the first time I have had one in years, and it is the first kind of Christmas tradition that I’m starting to do with WO. I hope it will create more than an echo of the warmth for WO that I had as a child.¬†What traditions/rituals your family have?


I realize that talking about Advent and Christmas then only refers to the Christian tradition, and I do not want to exclude my non-Christian readers. Are there other winter/year end/solstice rituals you employ?

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Weekend Cocktail Share #39


If we were having coffee, we wouldn’t really be having coffee. We would be out to dinner after a busy family weekend. We are at *undisclosed* restaurant, and I’m having this cucumber cocktail that is so so so fucking good; it takes me back to St. Maarten. You’ve never even been to the islands, and after you sip it, you’re there, too.

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