3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

After long last, I am doing the third day of the quote challenge given to me by Jess over at Daring to Jess


I used to really believe that children are a distraction from more important things. Parents have to give so many things up. After all, since women have to leave work to raise children, or are more likely to, they don’t do as well in a job.

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Did You Know Santa Wrote Letters?

Since I had Wee One, Santa has been a problem. By which I mean, should I tell her he exists? Am I lying to her? Am I fooling her? My large concern is if I am hurting her, of course, and I’ve struggled to find a way to share this with her without hurting her.

I’ve asked folks what they have done and how they see it, and surprisingly, have gotten some ugly comments, defensive and sometimes insulting. People are really defensive about Santa.

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A Long Winter’s Sleep

Laying with my daughter, like I did last night. These holidays are tough on a little girl, and since we’re at family’s houses, we put her to sleep on a bed, then stay with her.

The magic continued for her today, the magic of a good life. She rode in a tricycle, learned how to twirl her skirt (or rather,saw mommy do it) and dug in the dirt outside on the farm, then played with her baby cousin.

It’s a privilege to be her mommy, my treasure.

What magic did you have today?

A World-Pivoting Moment

Earlier this week, I wrote about when I was in undergrad, about guys asking if my name had an H or not and how it felt like a world pivoting moment.

I haven’t articulated this to anyone before (not really even admitted it to myself,) but  I’m going to be honest here: When I was that age, I would watch everything happening to me as I lived it. Like, I would visualize it all happening in a story as it was happening to me. So the man behind the counter, more beautiful and completely different from any other man I had ever known, was asking to know me better. Across the dark counter with the rain misting the windows, the street lights shining in the puddles. In the movie in my head, the world was pivoting around that moment.

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