Smiley Days

Day 18 – R

Reason to smile

You mean besides Wee One? And besides thinking about an inappropriate joke?

I’m often smiling because I am devising ways to bolster my moral superiority, which Cohiba hates.

I smiled because I’m working on a book of short stories by Truman Capote, and they’re awesome. I never really read him before, but it’s clear I need to fix that.

I smiled at the Vanity Fair article about Trump’s latest celebrity White House visit being a metaphor for the current state of our nation.

Why do you smile? What’s awesome right now?
This is day 18 of the A to Z Challenge for April. If you are doing it, comment below and let me know what your post for today is! If you want to get regular updates about what’s happening at Didn’t Just Wake Up, click the follow button on the right hand side! No matter what, thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Smiley Days

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

    I like the article that you linked to here. Well, I don’t like how accurate the article is about what’s going on with 45– but I like that you made me aware of it. A perfect metaphor, indeed.

    As for my reason to smile today, I’m going to say that our rose bushes are out of control healthy this spring. This makes me happy.

    1. Thank YOU for coming by and commenting! Those out of control roses must smell heavenly! And, I think like for you, it would be a little inaccurate to say that the article made me smile, because I hate all of it, but… Kind a gallows humor, if you will. 🙂

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