Personal history statement – with wine!

I’m in the midst of doing my PhD applications right now, writing my essays, hence the radio silence and lack of progress on my NaNoWriMo project. I have four apps due on Sunday and three of them are good ones in California, (where the future would be good for me and Cohiba). So I really wanna do well on them.

One of the schools to which I’m applying is Berkley, and part of their application includes a personal history statement, and it’s clear they’re looking for things about diversity. But I’m pretty WASPy.  I grew up in West County (and if you know St. Louis, that’ll mean something to you.)  How can I talk about diversity?

I was on a PhD forum looking for advice about tackling this essay, and one of the folks said, perhaps facetiously, to get drunk and write it.  So I sit here now, wine in hand (not totally drunk; it is a work night) but hopefully the thoughts will flow a little more freely than usual.  I’m not inflicting them on everyone, because you don’t show off a rough cut to a publisher, but I did want to say hi to all of you and talk a bit about this.  Has anyone else done this essay?  How did you do?


Okay, your turn.

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