Inspiration Engine V. 2 – Coffee, Arthritis and Writing

The Inspiration Engine is a weekly round-up I do of blogs or posts that inspired me in some way this week.  Please let me know what you think of my finds or tell me some of your own!

Coffee Dramatist This week, I found a blogger whose whole blog inspires a part of me, the coffee part.  I just loved rolling through this blog this week. I love coffee, I love the ritual surrounding it, the smell, the history, the colors… I can’t even really say what it is, but it’s powerful!

Everyday Roots This is a little more practical, but important for me right now.  I have osteoarthritis in my hip, and this winter especially, it has been painful.  This post reminds me about homeopathic and natural ways that I can intervene with my body to relieve the pain.  I stretch in the hot shower, and that helps, but I forgot about foods that help lower inflammation – in this case, turmeric and ginger tea.  I love ginger tea, and I’m anxious to try this out; just to see if it makes a bit of a difference. I’ve also found that dark chocolate, in moderation, may help, too. (Yessss!) Also, this post mentions dandelion tea!  Has anyone had it before?

Finally, this post from Janis Hill on how she became a published author.  I feel so trite when I say I want to be a writer, but I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve been writing more, not just on here, but on my own, and I love the way it feels when stories are coming out of me. I like this post for the perspective she gives and the way she tells her experience. Actually, quickly scanning over some other posts, I think the whole blog will be helpful. Thanks, Janis!

What did you find this week? Anything that especially melted your butter?

Okay, your turn.

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