Inspiration Engine 9 – Writing Historical Fiction

This is a weekly post I do to highlight blogs or bloggers who have inspired me in some way during this week.

It is a short list this week, as this one blog has given me a whole week’s worth of inspiration. Thanks to NaNoWriMo 2013, I began seriously working on writing a work of historical fiction. I have become a ready sponge for information and hints about writing it well.

I stumbled upon the blog  A Writer of History by M.K. Tod and found a wealth of information. Not only insight from the blogger themselves, but also interviews with other writers of historical fiction, and it was awesome to read about their process and what advice for burgeoning authors. The blog also includes as surveys of readers of historical fiction, to learn what they like and why. Finally, in the blogroll and on separate pages are a wealth of resources about writing, historical fiction, and the WWI and WWII era, in particular.

Thank you, M.K. Tod, for the blog, and that you, reader, for reading about it!  What do you think of this choice? Do you know of or have other blogs that specialize in this?

Okay, your turn.

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