Alphabet Alliteration

Antelopes and anteaters aren’t always amicable,

basically bringing baleful “blessings” before bashing brother beyond brother.

Crafty cheetahs contemplate calming contagious crowds

despite dangerous daring despots.

Each entity exploits each entity, endangering entire earthly existences.

Free-flowing forms frame flourishing fights, for

gleeful “greenness” governs gentle geniuses.

Happiness hatches “hip” hints,

inside infirm intellect initially inert.

Justice jars juvenile jealousies.

Kind kangaroos know killing kin kicks krocks.

Looping lists look lively, lovely; ‘long loosened leanings learn.

Mutual movement means merriment ‘mid mammals,

neighbors newly ‘nited near ‘nother.

Opportunities open of organisms

paired perfectly, personal


redeemed. Ready,

several sets study souls,

tied through tough totalities together.

United und untied underlings undo universalities,

Vying ‘ver valleys

where wild wishes wax.




(A play on Saturday’s daily prompt, the Alphabet Alliteration was an exercise I did during a long and boring shift at the wheel.)

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