Midday Jealousy

Dear Midnight –

It is as a friend and colleague that I am writing you. I fear that you are taking too much on yourself as the inspiration of poets and lovers, for they all seek your company.  Let me help take up some of the burden. Need I remind you that you have been stealing my sunshine (as it were) for eons? Can we not finally resolve this?

Yours, Noontime (formerly Midday)


My dearest Noontime –

How thoughtful it was of you to consider my own well-being, particularly given the work that you need to do containing the sun. We both stoke fires: your sun stokes the fire of the Earth; I cannot help that I stoke the fires of the Earth’s inhabitants’ imagination. I freely confess that the light of the pale moon in my sky depends upon your sunshine, and I thank you for it.



*Writing 101 – Day 14

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