If Men and Women Were Represented Equally or Social Construct of Gender

I know many people are tired of hearing about sexism, and tired of the so-called “War on Women.”  Okay. There are some thing I’m tired of, too, with regards to the way women are treated, but it’s hard to point it out without sounding accusing.  So I like to use more mainstream examples to prove the point.  What do you think of these four?

1. A website called the Hawkeye Initiative  regularly features a drawing like in which a male superhero (initially, it was Hawkeye, but it has spread to others) and draw them in costumes and poses like their female counterparts. This site is one of my favorites, which is why, if you notice, it’s on my blogroll.

Logan would totally OWN that.

2. This second one is an article about what tabloid headlines would be without sexism.  For example:

Woman has legs. HA! Nothing really newsworthy, is there?

3. This video about swapping men and women in pretty iconic roles (like Titanic) is a little creepy but it still makes the point.

4. Finally, an awesome video “If Men Were Women” about how men would be treated if they were women. It’s powerful, especially the last shot with the little boy. I encourage you to see it.

Are there other exercises like this that you have seen? Funny or otherwise?  What are they?

Okay, your turn.

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