Top Ten TV Shows or Movies

I’ve never done one of these, though one of the blogs I follow, The Bumbling Bookworm, puts these up faithfully.  This week, she said, the top ten topic is on T.V. Shows or Movies!  Huzzah! I feel like I can take part in this one!

And so I shall.  T.V. shows are in green, and the one movie is in orange.

1. Doctor Who. Clever writing, fantastic storytelling…

And awesome companions.

2.. Firefly. Any Browncoat worth her salt (as well as some of her neighbors) knows that this series was murdered too young and with too much potential. The writing alone has provided over a decade’s worth of quotes and jokes: who knows what another season would have given us? World peace?

3. Merlin. What a rich and intriguing story. Oh, and hello Bradley James.

Hello back.

4. Pride and Prejudice, BBC, 1995. Oh, Colin FIrth. The thinking woman’s sex symbol.

Meditating on my fine eyes? Why, thank you, Mr. Darcy.

5. 21 Jump Street. I loved this show. A desire to do work in an environment like that led me to my current position.  For better or worse.

6. Friends. This was on when I was in high school, and I remembered people getting the “Rachel” haircut.  I remember hearing people agonize about Rachel and Ross. I wasn’t too into it myself, though now as an adult, I appreciate the acting, the writing, and the memories it calls up.

7. Dawson’s Creek.  This one is also more for memories as well, but also to be able to read the stinging and hilarious recaps provided by Sars and Wang Chung on Television Without Pity. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I imitate their style in my own writing. And Pacey all the way.

Jen’s hair didn’t always work, but sometimes, like in this pic, it was okay. Sometimes, even really cute.

8. Friday Night Lights. As I’m ruminating on impending motherhood, I just know I’m going to be as awesome as Tami Taylor. ‘Cause she just wants to help you be your best in life, y’all. It’s good for the world.

See. She supports her husband and loves on her kid. And she’s gorg.

9. Sherlock. Writty dialogue, stories that have obviously stood the test of time and multiple interpretations, and an attractive cast. An attractive British cast. What’s not to like?

Don’t forget him. Never.

10. Downton Abbey. I put this one reluctantly because after the first season, I think, the story-telling got sloppy and rushed. But we can’t deny the beauty of the set, actors, clothes – everything. It’s soapy, but still not bad.

Branson certainly makes things worthwhile, however.

What about you?  What would your top ten be?

7 thoughts on “Top Ten TV Shows or Movies

  1. My top 10 TV shows:
    1. Gilmore Girls
    2. Felicity
    3. I Love Lucy
    4. Friends
    5. Little House on the Prairie

    Well – maybe I only have a Top 5. I don’t watch much TV anymore, but am always happy to catch one of these reruns.

    1. It’s goo to be monogamous! I never gave Gilmore Girls a try, but I know that’s on a lot of people’s lists. What did you like about it?

  2. Reblogged this on Creo Somnium and commented:

    Okay. I am wicked busy crocheting like a mad woman preparing for the craft fair I have coming up on Thursday, so I couldn’t come up with a Top 10 anything. So I’m reposting the very first one I ever did. All the answers still hold true: what do you think?

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