This Is The Song That Never Ends

The Wee One loves music and she loves to hear me sing, which is good since I love to sing.  I started singing her full name to the tune of Frere Jacques (which is something my own mother did for me when I was young) but after I finished the first verse, a scant eight lines, I started to make up more.

One of the verses I made up referenced something my step-father says about her, and every time I sang it, I thought of him.  I put the challenge out to my friends to write little verses for her, and happily, I got some responses. Naturally, they’re from rennie friends, people who are already creative and quirky. Here’s the song so far:

  • Evelyn Charlotte (repeat)
  • Myers (repeat, then repeat both lines).
  • Mommy/daddy love you (repeat)
  • Oh so much (repeat, then repeat both lines).
  • You’re a pretty girl (repeat)
  • In the morningtime (repeat, then repeat both lines).
  • You’re scooting and your squeaking (repeat)
  • all over the room. (repeat, then repeat both lines)
  • Who’s a baby? (repeat)
  • Is it you? (repeat)
  • Someday you’ll be all grown up and this verse won’t make sense.
  • Woo, woo, woo.
  • Aunt Robeena (repeat)
  • Loves Big E (repeat)
  • Too bad she’s in Seattle (repeat)
  • And not with me (repeat).
  • In the fae woods (repeat)
  • There lives a wolf (repeat)
  • Her name is Brigga (repeat)
  • And she loves you dearly (repeat)
  • Sweet Aunt Tracy (repeat)
  • Had a dream (repeat)
  • She was snuggling with Evelyn (repeat)
  • As wonderful as that seems (repeat)

As the Wee One gets older and grows, I’m going to keep adding verses championing her progress and love for her, so this is, essentially, a song that will never end.

Okay, your turn.

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