A Bummer of Growing Up

The Wee One got up at 5:00 this morning, God help us.  She’s been sniffly and her sleep was disjointed last night. I got up with her, we did our morning things, and she took her first (blessedly long) nap.  After we got up from that and had been up for awhile, Cohiba got up as well and came out to the living room to greet us.  While he was holding her,

I ran to take care of a few things that I couldn’t have done with a baby in my arms.  When I came back to them, she beamed at me happily, and I held my hands up in inquiry if she wanted to come with me. She turned back into her father’s shoulder.

This is the first time she’s done that to me. Ever.

She usually does that to him, actually, and prefers to be with me. Today, at least in that interaction, she wanted to be with her father.

I’m embarrassed to say that I was really bummed about this! I have been talking to myself all day to get over it: Sahara, you want her to feel like this about her father. You know she’s going to prefer one and then the other. You know this doesn’t mean anything and she still loves you. You know this is good because she’s developing and growing – you’re doing a good job.

But I’m still bummed. Was anyone else bummed when it happened to them?  Any funny way to reframe this?

One thought on “A Bummer of Growing Up

  1. Jealousy happens. Like other emotions, it is a signal that we should “pay attention to something here”. It is an opportunity to grow.

    Does she love you any less? Absolutely not! No person can give us everything we need. One doesn’t go to a tailor to have their shoes resoled- so it is with EVERY relationship. She just needed something Dad had today. I’m glad she has access to everything each of you has to offer.

    But yeah…sometimes it sucks when you want to be the one. 🙂

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