Will There Be Anyone Left?

A dear Muslim friend of mine just posted on Facebook about how afraid she and her family are about the rhetoric being said about Muslims in the U. S. and the “promise to protect the (non-Muslim) citizens.”

To my shame, I hadn’t even thought of her or other Muslim friends that have been grappling with this for a week.

I know I find the idea of a registry abhorrent, but I don’t fear it like my sweet friend does.  I don’t need to think about this prospect as though my life does depends on it, because it doesn’t. That’s the privilege of a Christian woman-I can just agree that it sucks and think no more about it.

My shame at this blitheness is great, but this is the consequence of social privilege.

My friend is like a sister to me (or what I imagine a sister would be like)  and the fact that a registry is even being discussed is not only unjust, it also takes away from a legitimate and ethical conversation about a security response.

This is another danger of social privilege; without an awareness of it, we are seriously hindered in our ability to resolve mutual goals, and this serves as a call for me to reinforce this awareness.



Okay, your turn.

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