Volunteers (of America)

Shortly after undergrad, I worked for the Missouri Public Interest Research Group – MO-PIRG. It’s a left wing political action group, and I was a door canvasser. That was in ’04, and since it was an election year, I also did some voter registration.

I was livin’ life, man.

Before we went out each night, the canvassers gathered in the office, role-played different scenarios and talked about where we were going to work.  We also played music to pump us up.  When I left I made a CD of various songs that were most iconic to me about working for the PIRGs.

One of them was “Volunteers,” by Jefferson Airplane. The song opens up with an entreaty to “start a revolution,” and I remember one of my coworkers really responding to that line. She was deflated when the refrain didn’t use the word ‘revolution’ again, but talked about volunteers of America, but just the same, I still remember her and the office whenever I hear this song.

When I left the PIRGs, I left to volunteer with AmeriCorps*VISTA, so this song was also a little prophetic for me.

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