Transformation Into A Better Writer

I am starting a writer’s notebook.

Have you ever had one? The other day, I read this blog post about starting a writer’s notebook, and it stayed on my mind. (I’ve been house hunting for the past several days and it’s less overwhelming to think about stories!)

When I was in undergrad, a respected professor suggested I keep an idea journal for my research. I wrote about possible relationships and connections I had read and sometimes dreamed (?!) about, things I might want to study one day. I think I still have it.

I, oddly, never thought to keep one for writing fiction, though I often jot dreams and odd notes onto the notes app on my phone, and sometimes keep a draft on WordPress of odd ideas. It would be so much better in a writer’s notebook, and, at last, I have found a use for a beautiful notebook I bought at that adults only pirate festival in Oregon.

It is beautiful and sparkling and I know going to become a treasured volume in my library, which begs something inspiration and wonderful. I can’t upload a pic right now because the internet sucks, so trust me that it’s awesome and Wish me luck!

via Daily Prompt: Transformation

Okay, your turn.

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