Invoking The Power Of The French Fry

I have told you Wee One is in speech therapy, right? Well, its going well, you know, for her, which is the most important part.

(It sucks for me, but that’s the point of therapy, right? To learn things you aren’t doing so you can start doing them and get better. It sucks.)

But she’s talking and its beautiful, I just don’t always understand her, which I did expect. There is just this one phrase that I WISH I understood: “Fuff fies.” She’ll use it in situations where she doesn’t want to be bothered. Maybe she’ s being held by daddy and doesn’t want me to take her, or she’s looking at a book and wants to read it herself. “Fuff fies.”

It’s very specific and consistent, but I can’t imagine what it is But I know what is could be. When I was little and said “fuff fies,” I was referring to “French fries.”

So, when my daughter wants to be left alone, she invokes the power of the French fry. I’m so proud.



Okay, your turn.

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