30 Minutes

That’s about how long I have until the Oxycodone kicks in. What a week this has been. What a time. When I heard, as a kid, that you can’t imagine how life will be, this really wasn’t it.

I got my hip replaced. Every day the swelling goes down, the muscles in my thigh feel less bruised, I feel less confused about my medication, and I generally feel better.

Something super sweet? Three women from church sent me feel better cards. I am beyond touched. They don’t know me very well; we’ve been chatting via Zoom fellowship meetings after church since the summer, but how sweet! Community is lovely.

But COVID is closing in on us. A guy who taught a BJJ class with Cohiba just came up positive, and we’re both feeling better about not going into the gym. Today, I found out a neighbor tested positive on Tuesday. This neighbor has a little boy that Wee One played with on Monday. So WO has been exposed to a kid who was exposed. I can’t bear to let myself think about the worst.

In other national news, (so this post is more like a time capsule) the president still hasn’t conceded and probably won’t. COVID is out of control in my country, state, county, and there are a lot of people who think it’s horse shit. They think it’s not true or it’s not that bad and this sucks.

I’ve been distracted by various things as I was writing this, and I think enough time has passed for the Oxy to kick in. I’m getting more cottony. And I guess it’s fitting for what I need to be doing right now: resting. I can get anxious about WO’s school or wanting to get active to defend democracy or convince others to be safe, but right now, I can’t. Right now I need to be still; that is the best thing I can do.

Be still, friends, and hug your loved ones. I love you, where ever you are.

2 thoughts on “30 Minutes

  1. I didn’t realize you were recovering from a hip surgery too. Or maybe I did and my brain just forgot. Anyway, it is a wild time and I am glad that it sounds like you’re surrounded by good folk and safety even if the outer world is a bit wonkybananapants.

    1. No, I don’t think you did. And as it happens, I didn’t realize you were as well! Which one? I hope you are also safely nested somewhere and have found some funky walker dance moves. I’m not there yet.

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