Why, Indeed?

The questions come so fast I can barely collect them.

“Mama?” (She always begins with the question, “Mama?” Even if she’s already talking to me. She just has to get my attention special for the next comment.) “What does fair and square mean?”

“Mama? How do elevators work?”

“Mama? Can cars take the elevator?”

“Mama? Why is there a crack in the road?”

“Mama? Why are there crossing guards?

“Mama? Why is he in the middle?”

“Mama? Why do trees need water?”

“Mama? Why do flowers need water?”

“Mama? If they die, can we bring them back to life?

“Mama? Why was I born?”

“Mama? Why are rocks formed?”

“Mama? Do rocks get to the middle of the earth and then climb up?”

“Mama? Can you set up a swing in the font or back yard?”

“Mama? Do kids all over the world have break days on Saturday and Sunday?”

At first, I am so impatient, then I remember my friend Kim who (unknowingly) modeled answering questions with love and patience, even the same one multiple times in a row. WO is trying to figure everything out. She doesn’t know. God love her little brain as she assembles our world.

Okay, your turn.

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