Sleeping with Wee One

Today, I got back from a week long trip back to Missouri with Wee One (WO). We visited some people, including my folks, and then went to a Renaissance Fair out there with some friends – things we haven’t done since Before Times. It was awesome. She quickly made friends from other reenacting families, and I could hear her delighted laughter from across the field.

On our trip, we stayed in different hotels and one air BnB, bed sharing the whole time. We are not strangers to bed sharing, though once she started sleeping in her own room, we haven’t slept together save a few family slumber parties.

To be honest, I slept horribly this trip, in large part because I had a small body either laying across me or foot poking in my side, and she started to wake up at 5:30, central time (so 6:30 her normal Eastern time) and was up by 6:00. Sigh. But It was worth it, especially after last night.

Yesterday’s fair day was rounded off with a steady downpour and my kinsmen encouraging WO to jump into muddy puddles. Sigh. No matter; her shirt was already so wet that, one we got to the car, I could just take it off and wipe her down with it. But after an hour and a half drive, we were not only still wet, but also stiff and tired after a long day outdoors. At the hotel, we got right into jammies and crawled into bed.

She could not be close enough to me. We were both laying on our sides, spooning. The bottom of her feet were pressed into my legs, her little bottom was in my lap, and her head was just under my chin/nose. She’s a “big girl” now, but still small enough that I can cradle her like that and sleep with my nose in her hair.

Such a wonderful memory

Okay, your turn.

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