What Do You Do When It All Sucks?

Last week, as I was driving with Wee One, she heard me smack at a small bug that had flown into the car. She asked why, and I told her I was trying to kill an insect. She suggested that I shouldn’t because bats eat insects. I said it was a great idea and we should get a bat in the car to get the bug. She said, “Mom. Bats are nocturnal.”

Because duh.

Standing In Line At The DMV

This is the fourth line I’ve been in, and this one seems the worst.

I’ve been to this office already, but was turned away when I realized my last name was spelled wrong on my new state ID. Get that? It’s the main ID to verify who I am, and they had several pieces of verification with the correct spelling, including my then-current WA state ID, and they got it wrong.

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Schedule Writing – Evil or Good?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Golden Hour.”

I’m trying to work out a schedule for our transitioning household.  Wee One is four months now and I’ve heard that everything will be easier for her if we have a schedule. I’ve tried to come up with one but I hate schedules! I hate being trapped or confined. I think schedules are lame.

But they really are good for people, especially small ones. Especially when we’re moving and so much is changing. I’m also finding they’re good for new moms and their heightened anxiety. So I’m trying to do this schedule.

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