Weekend Coffee Share #18


If we were having coffee, we would both arrive at the same time, a different shop than we normally go to, this one out in the woods. There’s a large truck idling outside, and the noise and gas its belching clashes with the serenity of the trees around us. We’re not happy about that, but the gentleman barista brings us our cappuccino. I like this part, I say to you.

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Experiment, but No Cigar – No Rocky Patel

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “But No Cigar.”

This prompt reminds me that, come this weekend, I’m going to have my first cigar since last summer, my first one since the Wee One came. However, even though we’re going on Saturday, there was another poportunity just after she was born that I really wanted to take advantage of… but no cigar.

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Cigar Bar Update

In the cigar bar, time takes on it’s own dimension.  In a cloud of smoke, I sit in my favorite chair: plush and comfy, within easy view of the bar, the front window, and the football game. A large glass table in front of me on which to prop my feet and set my computer.  Cohiba and I spend many a happy evening in this bar, and we had engagement pictures taken here.  It is not unusual for us to make friends over this table, meeting a varied assortment of people.

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A Case of Me

My first weekly writing challenge – a recipe for me:

Finely chop three sticks of imagination, two sticks of research and one of play. Put to the side under sunlight.

In a bowl, mix a base of Marvel deck building games, logic puzzles and bicycles. Do not forget to include a fresh helmet and eraser.

Spread mix evenly onto a sheet of books (historical fiction for the best flavor). Sprinkle with the spice of Renaissance fairs.

Blend the chopped pieces of imagination, research and play at Disney World with a splash of Doctor Who until creamy and slowly wind onto the base layer around into a labyrinth.

Place both in the sun for a full eight hours. If you put any of this in the oven, it will fall flat. It is better in the sun, and if you find a spot with a breeze, it will flower.

When you bring the dishes back inside, place the books over the labyrinth, cut and serve, garnished with a Churchill cigar.