A Case of Me

My first weekly writing challenge – a recipe for me:

Finely chop three sticks of imagination, two sticks of research and one of play. Put to the side under sunlight.

In a bowl, mix a base of Marvel deck building games, logic puzzles and bicycles. Do not forget to include a fresh helmet and eraser.

Spread mix evenly onto a sheet of books (historical fiction for the best flavor). Sprinkle with the spice of Renaissance fairs.

Blend the chopped pieces of imagination, research and play at Disney World with a splash of Doctor Who until creamy and slowly wind onto the base layer around into a labyrinth.

Place both in the sun for a full eight hours. If you put any of this in the oven, it will fall flat. It is better in the sun, and if you find a spot with a breeze, it will flower.

When you bring the dishes back inside, place the books over the labyrinth, cut and serve, garnished with a Churchill cigar.

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