The Daleks Got Me! (Back)

Doctor Who – Series 1 – Dalek, Written by Robert Shearman

As I said about the previous episodes, the farting aliens severed my interest in this whole series. I didn’t watch for several weeks, but I found myself thinking about it. Has that ever happened to you?

One time, I had been watching this stupid gymnastic show, just ’cause I was working hard on my master’s and needed a mind vacation. After a few episodes, I decided it was too stupid to watch, so I quit.  But I kept thinking about the storyline and the characters, and I went back and finished it.

That’s what happened here.

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What Do You Mean The Doctor? Doctor Who?

For the past few months, one of my most visited posts is about what I consider to be the Top 10 Doctor Who monologues.. There must be a lot of Whovians out there! On a blog I used to  mostly keep for myself, I included recaps of Doctor Who episodes. I have officially shut that blog down and will share the recaps here.

I tried to write them in the spirit of the now-defunct Television Without Pity website which was started to hate on Dawson’s Creek and had some of the finest writing I’ve ever come across. (In fact, the night I found it, I was a night supervisor at a homeless shelter, and I was howling so loud and hard I kept the residents awake.) So, beginning with the 9th Doctor:

Doctor Who – Series 1 – “Rose” Written by Russell T. Davies 

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