Akeed ragaa w law bainy w baino blad – 5 min stream-of-consciousness

I frequently listen to Indian and Arabic music; I just love it.  Unfortunately, I can’t sing along to that kind of music because I don’t know the words.

I love to sing along to things, especially when I’m in the car, especially Tina Turner. Goldeneye.

This guy in the office is such a jerk. How can he stand to be inside himself; he bitches about everything.  And can’t he pick up social cues that he talks too long?

But back to music

I like that I can put something on you tube and play it low as I’m working.  One of the upshots about it being foreign is that it’s not something that other people, like clients, know, and so they’re not distracted by it.  It’s like white noise to them.

So, today is my Friday.  I’m taking off tomorrow and we’re driving to Bristol

Shit. Boss walked in. Okay.

So, We’re droving to Bristol WI, and I’ve been dreaming about this coming weekend for several days now.  I’ve been thinking about the fair and picturing myself walking around there, thinking about the pictures I’m going to take.  I haven’t taken very good ones in the past, as least I don’t think so, and I would like to change that.  Especially at this fair, there are these performers that are, like, animals, and their bodies are painted and they’re wearing scraps of fur and stuff, and it’s a beautiful effect.  I didn’t pay a lot of attention to them last time; I’ll keep more of an eye out this year.

Why is my desk always so cluttered? And why does my stomach ache?

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