Rockin’ Chaco Tan.

One of my favorite souvenirs of a summer well spent is the design of white skin that criss-crosses the tops of my feet from my cachos.

A summer well-spent.

They are brown and backless with a pink and beige strip across the top. I first purchased them in ’08 before my first solo trip abroad – the Oxford, England to follow in the steps of C. S. Lewis. I have a bum hip, and wanted shoes with good support so I could keep walking.  They worked beautifully. They’re wonderful for cross-city walking and easy to pack.  They took me across Oxford & London, England; Krakow, Poland; Cuernavaca, Mexico; Jamaica and other island in the Caribbean, They’ve taken me all around Missouri, Tennessee, to Hilton Head, Disney, and the assorted Renaissance Fairs of the past two year.  I kind of wish I had a small camera attached to them the whole time so I could review what they’ve seen.

I bought a second pair, black, in ’10.  I don’t like them as much, but I’m wearing them more often to reduce the wear on my fraying original pair.

I love my chacos and will always own at least one pair.


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