Getting away from these glowing screens is a delicate subject in the Quest household.  Cohiba makes his living by being brilliant on these things and, as his wife (in less than five months – yay!), I am equally yoked.  Furthermore, since our bread and butter is produced by these boxes, he is never without some kind of connection – and therefore I am not without a connection.  He has to be available for coworkers or needs to check in on his own. He doesn’t like being lost or without an answer to something he needs.

Having said that, we love to get outside (I think me more than him, actually) and I know there are full days I get so engaged in life that I’m not checking Facebook in favor of biking or climbing or knitting or reading. Although, come to think of it, I’m reading on a Nook, so maybe I’m not as far as I think. 🙂


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