Three First Steps to Handle Any Conflict

1. Take a breath.

2. Step back.

No, literally. Take a physical step back from where you stand.  Not standing? Can’t step? Shift your body a little bit, just a bit.

3. “Okay.”

For me, that is how all conflict resolution begins.

At work, (a day program for homeless addicts and mentally ill), I am (like all the rest of the staff) poised to recognized conflict.  We sniff the air, ear hustle (eavesdrop) for threatening tones, and sweep our eyes to continually survey the body language of 100 people. If we’re lucky, one of the other clients will let us know there’s a fight brewing (usually just before is blows up) so we can get there at the beginning. When I’m standing between two big men snarling at each other (something Cohiba loves, I’m here to tell ya), the best thing to do is to separate them. I tell one to leave or walk away and take the other to an office or something. and then I take a breath, step back and say “Okay. What’s going on?”

In my personal life, like if Cohiba and I are fussing, or there’s summat between us and my folks, I start the same way. I take a breath, shift my physical position, and say “Okay.”  I think about the problem, what’s most important, why I”m angry with them, what my part in it might be, and what responsibility I have. By taking a breath and shifting position, I physically and mentally take a step back, and I do that as many times as I have to while I’m sorting through a problem with them.

Don't do this over conflict.
Don’t do this over conflict.

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