2013 had it’s high points

At the end of every year, different people do different “Best ofs.” I don’t always agree with them, until this year, I realized I could do my own, with my own things that are the best. 🙂

Best food find of 2013 – After 3X years of hating walnuts, I have finally come to terms with them.  Our relationship built slowly over this year, but I am a vehement supporter now.

Best “new” book of 2013 – Or bookS, in this case: The Hunger Games trilogy.  I know it wasn’t new this year, but I accessed a sample of the first one last winter while I was sick, and I was hooked.  I even tried to distract myself with other stories, without success. I kept reading while walking around the house, cooking, brushing my teeth – I was so into it!

Best new musical artist of 2013 – Again, new to me: The Black Keys.  I know they had a song in the Sons of Anarchy pilot some years ago, but Little Black Submarine really sold me on their sound.

Best day of 2013 – April 19th. Cohiba spoiled me in Disney World, and we got engaged. It was a beautiful day. Oh, and two days later, I found out my thesis research had won a national competition.

Best new experience – NaNoWriMo. This was the first time I did it, and I finally started working on a story I’ve had rumbling around my head since the 90s.  I put the novel on hold while I was working on and finishing my PhD applications, but I’m getting back to it this week.

Best Surprise find on Netflix of 2013 – Merlin. It had long been recommended to me (on Netflix) and I finally gave in. Such a good series and sparked interest in Arthurian legend, something that was already a little piqued from Renaissance Fair references. I’m half way through The Once and Future King.

Best Cigar find of 2013 – Acid Toast. It’s still infused with flavor, like the Blondie, but not with so much vanilla – more spice. And it’s a thicker gauge, and longer. It’s nothing that will electrify any towns, but it’s a quality go-to smoke. I have at least one a week.

Wow. This has really been an exercise in positive thinking.  I can more easily come up with “worst of” than “best of.”

Okay, your turn.

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