Zero to Hero

Like all writers, and probably more than most, I appreciate as much help with my craft as possible, help to make it something I could admire. With this in mind, I have chosen to take part in the Zero to Hero challenge and am going to start my introducing myself: Hi. I’m Sarah.

My user name “Seraphina” is a play on my real name, and is actually a nick-name given to me by a client; it was part of a game and a sign of really good progress for him. I’m a social worker with homeless people, which is a really challenging population. So while I still love social work I am burning out after six years. I would really like to get into research and do more writing.

Like many of you, I love words, I love playing with them, and I enjoy writing. I started keeping a blog last year after I had been rejected from all the PhD programs to which I applied. Called Mixing Chicory, it focuses on systemic contributors to poverty and social inequality, stuff I plan to research.

After a few months, however, I kept noticing the Daily Prompts and thought of things I wanted to write that didn’t fit that focus. I wanted a blog that was more creative, less serious, and more fun. “I Didn’t Just Wake Up This  Morning With A Craving” was born, and the second part of my user name, “Quest” was justified.

I believe that creativity and expression generate energy within people to do great things, and for me, they propel me to create and accomplish things that I would never have considered trying. For example, a novel that I began for NaNoWriMo, put on the shelf to focus on a second round of PhD applications (fingers crossed, please!) and am getting back to.  Who knows where this book may take me, but I imagine that it will be something awesome.

So in a way, I won’t really know what I’m looking for or what I’m trying to do until I get there.  I’m Seraphina, and I’m on a Quest!

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