Collection of Places to Write

When you’re writing, where do you like to be? Where do you work best? I don’t often get to my very favorite place and usually do it here at work, just out of necessity.

I most like to be in a public place like a coffee house or other public space, usually with coffee. I have headphones on (Battlestar Galactica soundtrack is best) so I don’t notice anything when I’m not looking up, but I still can look up and let my mind wander while I’m distracted by the life going on around me. I think I work best in the late morning and maybe over lunch.

Call me old-fashioned, but I really like writing with pen and paper. Do other people like that, too? It kind of sucks because then I have to put everything online or onto Word, but I get less distracted when my head is down ad I’m looking at words flow.  I also like the tacticle experience of it. I ALSO like that I can rearrange the paragraphs or ideas physically, and I can get to draw arrows.

I even have little symbols that I use as place holders. I may write an idea or paragraph on a separate sheet of paper, and then put a star by both it and the place I’d like to insert it in the main body.  If I’ve used all my symbols up, I add numbers. I love that.

What about you?  And even better, can you tell us the name of the place you like to work (if it’s public) and where it is? That way, when any of us travel, we can visit and write, too.  For me, when I was in college, I liked the Coffee Zone in Columbia, Missouri. (M-I-Z) Now, I like Stanley’s Cigar Bar in downtown St. Louis and I’ll go to St. Louis Bread Co. (Panera Bread for all you people outside of St. Louis. 🙂

Maybe we can make a worldwide collection of places to write!


3 thoughts on “Collection of Places to Write

  1. I have often wondered about how lucky I’d be to get to write in some quirky cozy little cafe humming with life. And where I have the luxury to write away. But not yet. Right now all I get is the comfort of my home and my children’s background music. Still not a bad deal I suppose:)

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