Creating: By Hand, With Love

Who doesn’t love receiving a handmade gift, made with you in mind?  They’re unique, they’re thoughtful and can bear so many warm memories.  I don’t do so well as giving them (though I think I may strive to do better in the coming months) but have been fortunate to receive several.

1. Crocheted slippers my friend Meenakshi gave me one year.  Her Nani (grandmother) made them and they were warm, soft, unique and lasted me for years.  I wore them to mere threads. (This one may not count since I don’t know if Nani made them for me, but they were handmade and awesome all the same.)

2. Embroidered linens and other articles my mother has given me over the years.  I love embroidery and I know it takes some time to do. Its something she made just for me, and that’s really special. (Awwwww.)

3. Assorted mixed tapes over the years.  They might be cheesy, but they were an awesome gift to give a friend when money was scarce, like in junior high, or to get.  My friends had music that I liked but couldn’t buy, so when they gave them to me, it was getting cool music for free. Then if a boyfriend (or other S.O.) gave you a mixed tape, you could dream about them the whole time you listened to it.

What about you?  How do you feel about handmade gifts?

Even more importantly, are you good at making them?  Can you share your secrets? 🙂

Okay, your turn.

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