January Holidays

January gets lost in the holiday pale, doesn’t it?  After three consecutive months of holidays (in the U.S.) of Halloweek, Thanksgiving, and Christmas-turned-New Year, January is a breath of air after a 90 day rush.

In this breath, however, it might be interesting to note there are still a number of things to celebrate in January (apart from my step-father’s birthday, and in cse anyone’s keeping track, he likes puzzles and cream soda), but also such things as:

1. National Bath Safety Month (Bath safety = don’t take one!  it’s too cold anyway!)

2. National Blood Donor Month (Of course, once the alcohol content from the New Years champagne has gone down.)

3. National Braille Literacy Month (I’m not going to make a smart ass comment about this.)

4. National Hobby Month (This is actually logical for such an inhospitable month, to be inside with a hobby. Assuming your hobby is inside and not skiing.)

5. National Hot Tea Month. (Also logical, and the reason I wanted to point out these holidays today. I woke up twice last night choking on something from my stomach, and then was sick this morning. So instead of my morning coffee, I just wanted tea – something Wee One has me craving more often anyway. That makes this the perfect month to enjoy it. 🙂 )

6. National Oatmeal Month. (Again, logical. January is a time to hibernate, so it’ll warm you from the inside and put you back to sleep.)

7. National Soup Month. (Are we noticing a trend here? Warm up and hibernate!)

Do you love January?  If you say you do and you’re from Oz, then it doesn’t count.  What’s the best part of it for you?

Okay, your turn.

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