Writing Tips Round Up

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I’m a Rennie – involved in the local Renaissance Fair, and some of my work this week has proved to be fruitful.

I’m writing a blog for them about our adventures and also to help newcomers. (My first year, I felt like I had NOTHING to go on when I was working out my character, and it sucked.) I’m also keeping Pinterest boards for us as well – some humor, garb help, accent help, etc. I was looking up extra pins to add to our board, and while I was there, I stumbled on some pins that help

Sci-Fi and Fantasy writing prompts. I only dance along the edge of writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but I like prompts, so this is cool

A chart of character ideas for an “epic tale.” Just looking at a few of these together gives me ideas about people to write and scenes into which to put them.

Keeping dialogue authentic – I need a lot of help with dialogue, so this helps.

What do you think?  Have you stumbled upon any pins or blog posts that have inspired you in some way?

One thought on “Writing Tips Round Up

  1. Too many writers seek to inject deep meaning into dialogue. Listen to how real people converse, and how they dilute their message. I think sometimes editors are unnecessarily cruel to dialogue: in their efforts to keep it concise they strip it of acceptability.

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