My Body, Amazing

Before I begin, let me say that I know I am not the only woman on the planet who has ever been pregnant. There is nothing revolutionary about this in the grand scheme of humanity, but it’s pretty remarkable to me.

My body is amazing.

I feel how it adjusts to my Wee One as she grows, and I look at pictures of my insides that squish to make room for her. And it’s okay that they squish; they’re supposed to.

My immune system is suppressed so she, a foreign element, can live and grow without being attacked, but it also works to protect her once she’s out by giving her some antibodies for when she gets here.

My body is designed so that she is prioritized, as least in terms of nutrients. So even if I’m not eating well because I feel sick, she gets the good stuff. She doesn’t suffer.

I haven’t seen or done this yet, and, frankly, I”m kind of icked out by it, but breastfeeding is amazing in that my milk with give her exactly what she needs at exactly the right time.  Even as her needs change, the milk will change with her.  How does it know to do that? It also has feel-good and sleep hormones at different times of the day for both of us.

I have hormones working in me right now to create love and attachment to her, and there will be more after she gets here.

Having her on my skin after she comes will be good for both of us, hormonally.

So many things I would never even have thought of are covered, and probably more that I haven’t had reason to investigate.

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