10 Good Things About Being Up All Night With The Baby


The nine month sleep regression is upon Sahara’s household, and God help us, please don’t last long. It’s iike I have a newborn again. In effort to look on the positive, as I am intentional about doing when it pertains to my Wee One, I’m going to find 10 good things about being up so much during the night. Just call me Pollyanna.

  1. I get extra time to love on the Wee One. That’s what I’m reminding myself: “I love her and she’s having a hard time,” when her cries rouse me from my slumber and I put my arms around her to still her tiny hands. And then try to stop her kicking feet. And get kicked in the bladder.
  2. Watching the sun rise or the day break. The difficult night really does pass, and that’s cool to see.
  3. In the best cases, you have a long nap to look forward to.
  4. And you know that even one hour uninterrupted will feel decadent.
  5. Being able to sleep anywhere and anytime. I’m not normally one who can do that, but when I’m up all night, I can sleep anywhere, and any amount of it is restorative. Head down on the kitchen counter = luxury.
  6. Sometimes, during those catnaps, you have really gnarly dreams. Dreams that are vivid and kind of rooted in reality.
  7. Coffee tastes so much better after a night like this. It’s hard earned.
  8. You can write down your brilliant ideas. You know the ones that come to you in the middle of the night that will Change the World or Make Better Life As We Know It? You can write those ideas down, provided you remember how to write.  I started typing this blog this morning after a rough night with the Wee One. You wouldn’t believe how many typos I had.
  9. It strips away the superficial by only leaving room for the important things. House dirty? It’ll get clean. Need a shower? I’ll be fine. Clean underwear? No one is looking. Food and water, that’s what I need. And sleep.
  10. Hope that the following night will be better

And here’s to that.

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