Top Ten TV Shows or Movies

Okay. I am wicked busy crocheting like a mad woman preparing for the craft fair I have coming up on Thursday, so I couldn’t come up with a Top 10 anything. So I’m reposting the very first one I ever did. All the answers still hold true: what do you think?

I Didn't Just Wake Up This Morning With A Craving

I’ve never done one of these, though one of the blogs I follow, The Bumbling Bookworm, puts these up faithfully.  This week, she said, the top ten topic is on T.V. Shows or Movies!  Huzzah! I feel like I can take part in this one!

And so I shall.  T.V. shows are in green, and the one movie is in orange.

1. Doctor Who. Clever writing, fantastic storytelling…

And awesome companions.

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Okay, your turn.

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