Day 7 – G

Ghosts. Are they real?

No. I don’t believe in “ghosts,” in the traditional sense. I do believe the spiritual energy of people and that sometimes we are open enough to sense them. What do you think?


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4 thoughts on “Ghosts

  1. Definitely not in the traditional sense. I do believe everyone has a spirit and I can see the possibility for these spirits to live on or just exist in some sense after we die, but not in the “I’m haunting you” way.

  2. Confusing answer: I have had three very distinct experiences of ‘haunting’. Whether I believe in the existence of ghosts, or rather I accept that ‘visions’ can be induced by the imagination or a medical condition, is a decision I cannot make. However, I will say that two of the episodes were complete surprises to me, both occurring in houses with a long history, and the third was a shared experience: three of us were present and we each saw an identical image. Interesting subject! Incidentally, I have also been in places where the atmosphere was very uncomfortable, although there was no visible ‘presence’.

    1. A shared experience – wow! Also, in the first two experiences, did you have a sense that you “knew” the presence you felt? Or was it a stranger from the long-historied houses?

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