Weekend Coffee Share #11


If we were having coffee, we would settle into our usual spots, noticing, for the first time, there are people we have seen in the weeks prior. They are regulars, as we are, and this makes us feel good. We smile at the “regular” label. After we settle with our drinks, I pull out a long glass bottle: homemade Irish cream, a Christmas gift from a friend.  Isn’t this such a unique idea? I ask. I love Irish cream and its good, if not a little rough.

I tried to take the Wee One hiking this week, I tell you, because the weather was really nice where I live.  It was not so nice, however, at the site of the park, less than 20 miles away.  This take some getting used to: living in the mountains and how different things are at different elevations, even when the difference doesn’t seem that great.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I had a bit of a rough week and some anxious thoughts. I wonder if I need to go back to counseling. I’m annoyed by it, frankly, because its fucking work that I don’t want to have to do. It certainly wouldn’t hurt, you point out, and I agree. I also think that becoming involved with a faith community would help as well. I reached out to a couple of friends about it.

Cohiba has been sick and staying away from the Wee One, so I haven’t been able to sleep in or get some time away from her recently. Fortunately, her sleep schedule is better than it’s ever been. She’s taking two solid naps a day and I think she’s sleeping longer in the early morning. Even better, she’s starting to entertain herself in her crib, giving me a bit more time if I need it.

She’s also started humming when I sing and rock her to sleep.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about meeting with another mother and having a girls night: wine and movies. It was a really good time and the first I’ve had since the Wee One was born. We tried watching Pitch Perfect. Your eyes light up and you start to chatter about how much you love it.  I wasn’t so into it, but maybe I need to see it from the beginning.  “Oh, you totally do,” I hear a voice from behind me.  I turn, and see one of the barista’s cleaning the table behind me.  “Sorry to eavesdrop, but I love that movie.  I recommend you give it another chance.” You talk with her about your favorite parts, and I lean over to get the bottle from my bag. May as well finish off the Irish cream.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #11

  1. I love this post. So cleverly written. I actually felt like we were siting down and having coffee, though I wasn’t lucky enough to enjoy a nip of the Irish cream in mine. 🙂

    P.S. Pitch Perfect was just okay.

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